Eden garden Nursery. Old fashioned values in a modern setting.

Here at Eden Garden Nursery not only do we plan to offer the highest standards of care to our children, but also to ensure that all of our staff possess the experience, skills and training they need to fulfil this fundamental requirement.

By comprehensively training and developing our team, utilising the vast experience and resources of our sister company which specialises in care qualifications, we ensure that they have
the motivation, confidence, skills and credentials which go to make true child care professionals.

Secure in the knowledge that in every way, no one is better suited to nurture your child, you can be certain that when you can't be around, your child is receiving a standard of attention and care that comes second only to your own.

Although the nursery may be new, and the accommodation modern and state of the art, the underlying philosophy is still the delivery of care with its roots based in traditional values.